Natural Cure For Autism – Could The Remedy Be So Close As Liquid Vitamins in Natural Supplements?

 Autism  is a reality that only a mother of an autistic child can grasp. No one else can truly understand what  autism  is.

 Autism  is a neural development  disorder  that normally shows in the early years of a child. An autistic child of 4 years may show any of the following major characteristics or signs of  autism :

  1. Avoiding eye contact, sometimes touch and excessive noises too.
  2. Having trouble to communicate and lack of understanding the meaning of words.
  3. Being intensely focused on one thing, like a toy and being unaware of his/her surroundings

There are many other “smaller” things that would normally not be called major characteristics or  autism  symptoms but which would be worth mentioning.  Autism  is not uncommon and yet no one seems to know the causes of  autism . Some doctors speculate that it is a hereditary illness and other believe it is much more intricate as the functions of the brain seems to mystify them. The same bewilderment can be said around  autism  treatment.

I believe that the slow brain development may be caused by malnutrition of the pregnant mother during the pregnancy, or it may be triggered by a state of malnutrition after birth. The nutritional needs during pregnancy escalates as the mother needs to supply the foetus with all the nutrition a normal person would need to live, and in the case of the unborn baby, to develop every bit of living tissue it is pre-ordained to take form to. It is a well-known fact that people walk around with a lack of nutrition, and that many of the common illnesses derives from that state of malnutrition.

Cancer, for instance, may have hereditary factors but nutrition and the pH level of the candidate plays a huge role in the growth or death of cancer cells. Notwithstanding the fact that we know so much about the preventative measures we can take to reduce the risk of cancer, cancer has now become so common that about 1 in 3 people may end up with some kind of cancer at some or other stage in their lives.

The same tendency can be seen with hordes of other illnesses. One that interests me a lot is autoimmunity. Autoimmune diseases are caused by a failure of one’s cells to recognize the identity of other cells of the same kind resulting in the launching of an attack on its own cells. What is interesting is the fact that with a nutrition boost you can see a huge improvement over time.

A close friend of mine is the mother of an autistic child and her family is blessed to have started young Michael on the supplemental treatment of liquid nutrition. Within 3 days the parents and the occupational therapist started to notice a huge difference.

To God be all the glory first, and the thank the Lord for being able to learn all we can about our bodies and nutrition.

Please notice that no health claims were made and that you should only consider a liquid nutrition supplement with the guidance of your health practitioner as I am not qualified to make statements of a medical nature. Not that any claims can be made and any glory be redirected away from the miracle by Gods hand, you have to agree with me that a healthy shot of liquid nutrition is what we all need every day.

Source by G Hough

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