Month: May 2016

PDD Autism – Identifying Specific Symptoms of Autism and Other Pervasive Development Disorders

Do you know that there are some differences between  autism  and other  spectrum   disorder ? Well there is  autism , and then there is the  autism   spectrum .  Autism  is a psychological  disorder  that affects the ability of the sufferer to function appropriately

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Autism Apps

If you are currently a parent of a child with autism, no doubt you have heard of the advances being made in applications developed for the iPad. Many parents have been brought to tears watching their child communicate and interact

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3 Common Behaviors of Kids With Autism

Children with autism vary greatly in their symptoms of the disorder, now more commonly known among the autism community as Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Symptoms of ASD can range from very mild, such as a person with high functioning

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