Month: July 2017

The Three Best Alternative Treatments for ADHD

There are a LOT of alternative treatments for sale out there for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder who would rather not have to use a strong medication such as Ritalin. Some of these are good, some are fair, and

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Teacher as Life Coach – Measure, Monitor & Improve Your Students Emotional State & Behavior

Would Columbine have been prevented if there was a means of monitoring the student’s emotional state? Would you be able to influence the rate of childhood obesity and eating disorders if there was a class on how an emotional state

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Stuttering in Young Children

Facts Parents Need to Know….. What is stuttering? What causes it? Although, the exact cause is unknown, there are known environmental factors that contribute to stuttering. Ideally, it is the goal of working with young children who stutter to eliminate

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