Month: September 2017

Twenty Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Male Yeast Infection and a Simple Test

Male yeast infection is a topic that is not discussed widely. Too frequently, information focuses on vaginal candida infections and fails to address the fact that males can experience penile yeast infection as well as yeast infections on other parts

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Type 2 Diabetes – A Diabetes Diagnosis Is A Warning of What Is to Come

You may find what you are about to read uncomfortable. Depending on where your health currently stands, the following information may add to your list of worries. But it is going to benefit you if it serves as a wake-up

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Low Frequency Hearing Loss – What is it and What Causes It?

Most loss of hearing follows a standard pattern. As the person gets older, they lose the ability to hear the higher frequencies. By the time most people reach their mid-twenties, they can’t hear the highest pitched sounds that teenagers can

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