Month: December 2017

Training Our Military For Combat – Preventing Combat Stress and Reducing PTSD

Everyone seems concerned about what we can do for the service members returning from the war to help them reintegrate and cope with stress. New programs, increased emphasis on families and more open discussion about Combat/Operational Stress, ASD (Acute Stress

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How to Listen and Actually Hear Your Child

Many parents may not be as good as a listener as they thought. Just because a parent nods their head occasionally and responds with regular sounds acknowledging their toddler, does not mean they are really listening. A toddler needs a

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Neuritis (Neuralgia) – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Multiple Neuritis is a degeneration of peripheral nerves, and is also known as Peripheral Neuropathy or Polyneuritis. This is characterized by a slow onset of disturbed sensations, sensory loss, and weakness and shrinking of muscles in the hands and feet.

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