How To Maintain Social Life With An Autistic Child?

One out 100 children gets affected with Autism. This special child can not participate in social functions and also can not communicate. Autism is suspected to be a developmental disease. There is a school of opinion that vaccination has an impact on explosive growth of Autism in last few decades.

It’s a challenge to parenting an autistic child. First it is emotionally difficult to accept this fact that your child has autism. Parent tends to deny that autism is the main culprit rather they believe it is due to some developmental wrong with the child. Parents should accept the fact and need to educate themselves thoroughly so that they can take after the child properly.

Parent need to learn how to face the society first. They need to be emotionally strong to counter the harsh remark from people. Common folks are often indifferent to autistic child. Autistic child can not communicate properly so often they become very rude and violent in public place and patent need to listen ugly comments, inappropriate questions from people and often it is very embarrassing to parents.

Parent need to be calm and should be mentally prepared to face these kinds of challenging situations. Parents should forgive and forget the indecent behaviors of others towards the kid because mainly it is due to ignorance. The well being and complete benevolence of your child is utmost important and all other things are secondary.

You need develop tolerance to these comments and also learn to ignore this indecent behavior. You should try to educate people on autism rather than direct confrontation with them. If you confront violently, it might have adverse impact on your kid.

You need to follow the behavior of your kid and try at your level best to avoid that situation where your kid behaves irrationally. You should not go to those places which your autistic kid does not like. This strategy can help you and your kid both. You need to keep track of all worst case scenarios and also how you manage the situation in that situation.

You need to develop your skill on how to manage the situation; if your child becomes violent and behaves irrationally. You should move within a group of friends, relatives who knows your kid. This group can be very helpful in odd situations.

It is sad that people make wrong judgments, comments, and other rude gestures at your child but you need to live with this. You need to accept people behavior and work to educate people. The best thing you can do is to work to reduce he ignorance of Autism.

Source by Arindam Chattopadhyaya

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