Cosmic Ceilings Provide Visual Stimulation and Relaxation For Children With Autism

Most children with autism also suffer from insomnia. They can take hours to fall sleep and can wake up numerous times during the night becoming more unsettled each time.

Giving an autistic child something to focus on helps them to relax and become more settled.

Because they are usually very interested in and captivated by bright lights and changing colors a Cosmic Star Ceiling can be a real benefit to a child with autism.

Carers involved in the treatment, education and welfare of children with autism make use of a White Room. A White Room uses light and sound and is accompanied by white furniture and walls to create an environment that can help relax, calm and stimulate individuals. Imagine the White Room as a blank canvas where a colorful palette of lights are planned to give a stunning world of color and imagery and a comfortable area of ​​white soft floor pads to sit or lie on with relaxing music rather playing in the background. These combine to provide a powerful sensory and relaxing experience.

This same type of environment can be created at home by having a Cosmic Star Ceiling hand-painted onto the ceiling in a child's bedroom. As a Cosmic Star Ceiling is usually created on a white background it is following these same principles of a White Room. The variety of multi-colored effects such as stars, the Milky Way, comets, planets, constellations, shooting stars on a Cosmic Star Ceiling will provide stimulation and relaxation particularly when activated by UV lighting for a short period. It can be accompanied with relaxing music and lighting to create a wonderfully calm environment.

The specialized paints used to create a Cosmic Star Ceiling will remain visible for up to 12 hours and therefore no matter how many times the child may wake up in the night the effects will still be there to provide a focal point.

The paints are also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radioactive, low-odor and low in VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and generally do not provide any discomfort to even the most sensitive child. The range of paintings in various colors means that some absolutely stunning cosmic effects can be created.

It is as a result of these factors that more parents and carers of children with autism are becoming aware of the benefits of Cosmic Star Ceilings either in the home or at Day Care Centers and Specialized Schools.

Source by Mark Watts

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