When Should Your Child Sleep on a Single Bed?

Many parents ask themselves when they should take their child out of the cradle and put him into a single bed?

One thing is certain, one day you will have to buy or build a single bed for your child. Most parents choose to put their child on a single bed when their cradle gets too small for them. However, sometimes it is better to buy a second children's bed for your child, since not every child is willing or able to sleep in a single bed mean for adults. Some children need the protection of a child bed, which has a grid. Often, this is just a psychological need; however, you can let your child enjoy it until the time has come to a normal single bed.

Normally, a child will start to sleep on a single bed by the age of six. The mattress required for a six year old child can last for some years, at least until the sunset of the puberty. Some manufacturers do mark their mattresses according to size and high of the user, so you'll find some mattress developed for children. The most important point, however, is that you (or for this matter, the child) test the mattress in person.

It is generally recommended to change your mattress every three to four years. Even if you buy a mattress of quality, the material of it will start to cave in with time, and it will be better than at the time when you bought it. An additional problem for a child is that he or she is getting heavier with time and needs a harder mattress.

When buying or building a single bed, remember that even if the size of the bed is equivalent to a normal single bed for adults, children still have different requirements. The first of them is the fact that all corners have to be round. The second is that no part should be easy to take apart from the bed. Children are often quite tough with their beds, and so any bed should be tough enough to withstand them.

A single bed can also be a sign for a child. It means that from this point on, he is going through a different phase where he has his own room. This marks the difference between being a little child to being a child who is already starting to become slightly independent, going to child care or even school.

You can also purchase some pretty cool novelty themed beds for children, this makes the experience that much more fun and easy to transition.

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