How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Autistic People Be A Part Of Mainstream Society

The month of April saw the National Autism Awareness Month and it is definitely very overwhelming to see people talk about autism these days on the Internet and such blogs and articles are actually going viral to generate awareness. It seems the time has come when people are brining such topics out of their closet and no longer consider autism as a disease but just a disorder which has its own share of medical treatment. It is disheartening to see how people make fun of those who suffer from autism by addressing them as abnormal and mad. Autism as a disorder affects that part of the brain which is responsible for communication and social interaction. Their inability to interact ‘normally’ in society is one of the major reasons why they are often considered the outcast of society. So the biggest challenge today is to introduce autistic people in society as ‘normal’ people.

How HBOT helps in doing so

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the leading medical treatments that is not just available but successful for autism. This therapy is a process through which a concerned patient enters a sealed chamber to breathe in 100% pure oxygen under a customized atmospheric pressure. The best thing about HBOT is the supply of oxygen receives the autism affected nerves and tissues thereby helping those areas to recover and the healing process becomes a tad faster. Medical science has till date not been able to guarantee any medical treatment that can cure autism completely but with the help of HBOT the effects and impacts of autism has surely reduced. So it is safe to sum up by saying that HBOT helps in reducing the repercussions of autism.

How autistic people improve their condition

Today medical science is at its best phase, of course there is room for improvement and the focus on better medical procedures and treatments is always welcome but there is some treatment available for health complications even if the entire cure is not available.

Now let us shift our attention towards autism. We all know that if the impacts of autism could be reduced then people can lead a normal life and don’t we all aspire to see a better world for our autistic children? If you wish the same then let us take a quick look at some of the measures which we can take to make autistic people part of our society:

  • HBOT as a treatment helps considerably a lot in reducing the impacts of autism. Breathing 100% pure oxygen works as a great stress buster to improve autistic conditions among people. What comes as a surprise is the fact that breathing oxygen is a medical treatment! Considered so because a particular autistic person prescribed to breathe pure oxygen in a sealed chamber under higher pressure is the most important drug.
  • The prolonged process of the innumerable HBOT sessions help autistic people to improve their conditions. After a couple of sessions what comes as a good news is that autistic kids are able to respond back quickly to people’s reactions and questions. They seem to have quick responses to loud music and bright colors. These responses need a carefully measurement only after a couple of HBOT sessions. It is all about having patience and faith that the person’s conditions will improve.
  • The gradual training to meet people and society at large is all about giving the right training. Parents can start such trainings at a very early age. In such a scenario parents play an important role in trying to instill upon their kids the confidence and the will power to overcome the challenges and put up a brave front in the midst of all the hardships.
  • We mustn’t overlook the fact that autistic people are always blessed with certain qualities and talents that needs care to develop fully. These talents work wonders in building the low-esteem of autistic people. It is because of these talents that if tapped in carefully can turn out as the main source of earning bread and butter and if all goes well then these talents help them in becoming successful professionals as well. Several statistics show us that many popular MNCs across the globe today try to bring a certain percentage of autistic people to their work space to broaden the flow of creativity.

So now we can see the wind of change is flowing strong to give autistic people a fair scope to prove their merit and make a place for themselves in this competitive field.

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