How to Find & Fix Broken Links in WordPress

I’ll show you how to find & fix broken links in WordPress by using a plugin.
Did you know that broken links can affect your SEO rankings negatively? If there is a lot of them, Google is not a fan of that.

But what can you do if you have a lot of articles? Do you need to click each link to see if it’s broken? Luckily no! You can find them automatically using a plugin.

First I will show you how to find and fix links that are pointing to other domains by using a broken link checker plugin.
And then I’ll show you how to detect which URLs & links are broken on your website by using Google Search Console.

WordPress broken link checker plugin:
How to add your site to Google Search Console:

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How do I check for broken links on my website?
If you are using WordPress then the easiest way is to use a plugin that will do this for your automatically. If you don’t use WordPress you can use and this will also help you if you have broken image links. The online tool will recognize them.

Do Broken links affect SEO?
Yes, here is why. Google and other search engines use links to map out how your website connects and links to other websites on the web. This means that links are one of the essential parts. Now if you have a few 404 links on your site, it won’t be that bad. But if there are many then this might affect your SEO rankings negatively.

How do I redirect a URL in WordPress?
In this video, I’ll show you how you can redirect and fix broken links on your website. Even those pages that the links checker doesn’t see. Because we will use Google Search Console to check for the 404 pages.


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