How to Fix Error 404 Not Found on Your WordPress

The 404 Not Found error is very common, which doesn’t make it any less frustrating . Tune in to learn exactly how to troubleshoot it. Subscribe:

The 404 Not Found error is an HTTP standard response code, that indicates that the browser was able to communicate with a server, but the server could not find what was requested. The error might also occur when a server doesn’t want to disclose whether it has the requested information.

Although the Error 404 Not Found is one of the tamer ones, it doesn’t mean your users won’t be frustrated if they keep running into this error message while trying to access your pages. That’s the last thing you want first-time potential customers seeing from your brand. A 404 error can also be an indicator to you that something has changed or moved and a 301 redirect probably needs to be added to retain SEO value.

In this video, we’ll explain what’s behind the error 404 Not Found and help you troubleshoot it so you can get your website up and running again!

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0:00 How to Fix Error 404 Not Found on Your WordPress Site
0:47 What is the Error 404 Not Found?
1:32 What Does Error 404 Not Found Actually Mean?
2:16 What Causes Error 404 Not Found on WordPress?
3:04 Error 404 Not Found Variations
4:17 Error 404 Not Found Impact on SEO
4:57 Error 404 Not Found Impact on Site Performance
6:23 How to Fix Error 404 Not Found on WordPress
9:02 How to Create Your Own Error 404 Not Found Page
9:58 How to Monitor 404 Errors Going Forward



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