How to Secure Your Website From Hackers in 2021 (WordPress

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The internet is a BIG place, and there are plenty of bad guys lurking in the shadows waiting to steal your personal information. So today I’m going to show you How to Secure Your Website From Hackers! And it can be done in LESS than a few clicks with the iThemes Security plugin!

I’ll also show you how to scan your website for Malware anytime you need, as well as how to add a secure padlock (SSL Certificate) to your site’s URL so visitors know it’s safe.

But first, WHY do hackers hack websites?

1. To obtain credit card information.
2. To obtain contact info to sell to unethical marketers.
3. To obtain usernames and passwords to gain control of your server resources.
4. Malvertising (sending spam to your website visitors and subscribers)
5. SEO Spam (using your site’s authority to promote fake information on google)
6. Other classified info you may have.

So to keep that from happening, just follow the tutorial to keep your website SAFE and SECURE!


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