Kaise Fix Kare WordPress Fatal Errors

कभी-कभी कोई टीम या प्लगइन अच्छे से काम नहीं करता और इसके कारण आपको आपकी वेबसाइट पर Fatal Error देखने को मिलता है.

Fatal Error कुछ इस प्रकार दिखता है

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“There has been a critical error on your Website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

WordPress is so popular that several WordPress Developers and company have created plugins for all purposes. You can literally achieve anything with WordPress.

This is what made WordPress so popular, but with this comes the notorious “WordPress Fatal Error”.
Fatal Error is an error where the WordPress stops working completely due to an error which was caused in a plugin or theme. This error is mostly due to a conflict between a theme or plugin with WordPress.

In WordPress, WooCommerce is also used by several website owners to run an eCommerce website on WordPress.

The method that we are sharing is easy but you need to have patience. In 90% cases, this method solves the Fatal Error WordPress and Fatal Error WooCommerce problem.

The method doesn’t require you to have any technical knowledge or any programming skills.

So, I hope you have some time to go through the tutorial and fixing the Fatal error problem.

Video Chapters
0:00​ – About WordPress Fatal Errors
0:22​ – Facing WordPress Fatal Error
02:07​ – WordPress Fatal Error Tutorial Post
03:07​ – Fixing WordPress Fatal Error Easily
06:28​ – Live Error Fixing – Fatal Error / Critical Error
09:25​ – Fixing WordPress Fatal Error in Themes
10:05​ – Finding the plugin causing Fatal Error

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