Learn to Create an Error 404 Page in WordPress Theme

In this video, you will learn to create an error 404 page in a WordPress theme. The complete calling process of the error page is explained in this video which will take you through how to handle the page in the theme.

Our trainer will explain it all with the help of proper examples, which will make you understand the concept better.

Calling the custom 404-page WordPress theme is explained with a practical way to learn to create an error 404 page in a WordPress theme.

You need to know basic programming skills, and you can create a page from this video. You can also add the content to the page.

Error 404 page WordPress is a very important part of theme creation on WordPress. You will also learn how to edit the WordPress 404 page

We have a complete dedicated playlist on WordPress theme development, you can watch more videos to learn in-depth.

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