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Manage BHO to Prevent Browser Hijacking

Why is "Browser hijacking" so rampant? Many people have met such a situation: advertisments pop up as soon as your computer starts up or IE homepage is changed. In fact, these are typical "Browser hijacking" phenomenon. But the victims have already installed anti-virus software, why the browser still can not put an end to this problem?

As we all know, anti-software is only an auxiliary tool itself, it can not completely protect system security. Moreover, the attacks of "browser hijacking" can be recognized by system as legal means. Because anti-virus software can only judge if the program is legal by "code", but implementation programs of "Browser hijacking" can be countless and most of browser hijackings are achieved through BHO.

BHO stands for Browser Helper Object. It is an interactive interface which is designed by Microsoft in 1999. Through this interface, third-party programmers can write code for some browser actions and events, such as "Back", "Forward", "Current Page" and can get all the browser component information, such as menus, toolbars, coordinates. The programmers can also control the operation of browser through it. These operations are considered "legal" but this is the beginning of the "Browser hijacking".

BHO's initial goal is for our benefit, but cybercriminals are able to damage the user's browsers through it using some professional software. Once installed, the malicious BHOs ​​will become a part of the browser, and then they can control browser's operations. What's the worst is that the "browser hijacking" is discovered after some symptoms occurrence. The lack of BHO management will be a big threat for us and our computers. As Internet browsers are used frequently and so important for our computer, the management of BHO is imperative.

In order to meet with the threat from malicious BHOs, BHO manager is indispensable, and we'd better find a safe way to remove the malicious BHOs . The first step is the actual identification of the malicious BHO, if you are a computer veteran and you can do it yourself, then you can manually remove them. In addition, to protect your computer much better, you should do this work regularly. But it will waste you a lot of time and identification of Malware BHO may be difficult for most of us, especially for computer beginners. At this time, as "Browser hijacking" is different from virus, asking special software for help is a wise choice, and it can help you easily.

Source by Marrianne Tu