Pros and Cons of WordPress

Powering over 40% of websites on the internet as of this year, WordPress has established itself as a leader in the industry. When it comes to choosing a platform to build your website with, we are highly likely to recommend WordPress.

I prefer using WordPress to develop my websites. When I first started about 15 years ago I used dreamweaver when I was learning to develop sites during college. However, once I graduated from college and got some real world experience soon I learned failures and mistakes.

Failures and mistakes? With dreamweaver, the problem came when client constantly wanted changes. It was terribly hard to make changes. Took 30-45 minutes just to re-adjust a menu bar. Dreamweaver isn’t a CMS, which I didn’t know at the time. Then, I discovered WordPress an excellent CMS. WordPress is a very dynamic CMS which makes updating a site simply easy.

So, as you may have been able to summarize from the title of this post, I am fans of WordPress, but am certainly not blind to its current limitations. WordPress has strayed far from its humble beginnings as a blogging engine to become the world’s most popular website creation tool. In that time the platform has mastered certain capabilities, while in other areas it still has room to grow.

That being said, WordPress isn’t the only option. You should still be evaluating what CMS will work best for you. I am going to provide the pros and cons of WordPress, to help you determine if you should join those already using the platform.

WordPress Pros Advantages:

Wide variety of plugins and themes

The platform gives you the freedom to choose from a wide selection of plugins and themes. Plugins ad themes are going to be your best friend here. There are lots of free and paid plugins and themes you can install to make developing sites easier.

WordPress sites are mobile-friendly

Most themes with WordPress are integrated so that they show up on mobile devices. It makes no difference if you view your site on phone, tablet, etc. Nowadays, internet surfing is largely done using mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly site with consistency across all devices is very important. WordPress does a good job with this. Most of WordPress’s designs and themes are responsive.

Search Engine Optimization Ready

The importance of SEO best practices are at an all time high. WordPress does a good job of promoting these best practices. Constant codes for favourable Google indexing, customizable SEO components for each page, and plugins dedicated to SEO are some of the ways WordPress makes sites competitive in search engine rankings. Having access to free plugins, like Yoast, means each WordPress site is SEO ready. There is no better platform than WordPress when it comes to optimization.

User Friendly CMS

You can maintain your site on your own from wherever you are. WordPress is a strong content management system because it is very easy for an admin to navigate through the backend of their WordPress site, edit pages and upload new content. WordPress makes it simple to organize content without a lot of website management knowledge.

Great eCommerce sites

Today, millions of people are buying things online. ECommerce is popular for WordPress sites. More people are buying things online. More people are selling online. WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce have played a big role in this. These developments make it easy for you to direct more traffic to your eCommerce site, thus increasing conversion and sales.

Frequent upgrades and updates

Unlike other CMS where adding new features or functionalities is cumbersome or difficult, WordPress-based sites are easy to upgrade and update. Updates are always being rolled out for the WordPress, making the security very strong.

Big Companies Use WordPress

The WordPress platform is used for everything from one page blog sites to an international news sites. One of the strongest statements for WordPress is the number of large companies that use it. Current users including Time Inc., Sony Music, Xerox, The New York Times, and etc.

Social media integration

WordPress allows for hassle-less integration with social networks such as facebook, instagram, whatsapps and many more. The high level of social connectivity offered by WordPress ensures that you automatically update your accounts with one click.

Large Developer Community

The WordPress developer community is the largest of its kind. Users are constantly improving the site software as well as constantly creating and revising custom plug-ins for various uses. Its popularity attracts skilled developers and hobbyists alike, and one of the most amazing things about WordPress, is that anyone can contribute to the source code that makes the platform better.

WordPress Cons Disadvantages:


The first downside is the layouts. We all hesitate to invest in customization, as it can get expensive. Making truly custom websites does require a certain amount of development know how and time. With WordPress customized, updating core WordPress may cause some problems on your site. These updates may break up some of the functionality and if you don’t have best practices employed when designing the site, this can become an issue.

Lots of Updates

The updates are going to be constant and essential. They will not happen every day, but they will happen a lot. Be prepared to update your core WordPress files, plugins, or themes at least a few times a month. Updates may bring some small problems to a website in which case you may have to revert to an older WordPress state.


Certain themes contain a lot of unnecessary generic code. This can decrease the speed of the site and cause slow load times. Without prior WordPress experience it can be hard to understand what code you need and what code you can do without.


WordPress Sites are prone to hacks. Malware can be installed on your WordPress site. Being an open-source platform, WordPress is attractive to potential hackers. To mitigate this risk, again, it is always good to be knowledgeable in choosing plugins and themes for your WordPress site. Keep in mind that always double check the quality of a WordPress plugin and install with caution.


On the contrary, I have been using WordPress for nearly 15 years now. There is an entire industry created around WordPress. As many hosting companies offer WordPress managed hosting and so do I. Do join my blog, there are plenty of informative posts regarding WordPress issues and solutions.

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