Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process of moving money from the illegitimate to the legitimate economy. The crime of money laundering members of knowingly disguising the source, origin or ownership of illegal funds. Any criminal transactions are carried out in cash and the function of the money launderer is often to translate these small sums into Read more about Money Laundering[…]

The Wonders Of WordPress Blogging

I built my first WordPress blog just a few short months back. I've had a blogger account up for a couple years now but I never built my own custom blog configuration. With some of my sites I even use blogger to upload files direct to my own domain but I never realized the power Read more about The Wonders Of WordPress Blogging[…]

Protect Your Android Device From Malware

The adoption rate of mobile devices continues to soar, with Android leading the way. The open-source operating system that is led by Google is now found on more than half of all smartphones. This massive user base has addressed the attention of cybercriminals, who have begun to double down on their efforts to illegally obtain Read more about Protect Your Android Device From Malware[…]

Beware of Spyware

One day, you suddenly realize that your computer started to work noticeably slower than it used to. You decide to run de-fragmentation of your hard drive and add more virtual memory to the system. No luck! May be, it's probably some viruses, you reckon turning on your virus scanning software. Even after running the anti-virus Read more about Beware of Spyware[…]

Computer Worm – What is Computer Worm and How to Safe-Guard Your System

If you have been using a computer for some time now, then you probably have heard about a computer worm. This is a type of "malware" or malware software. These worms have been around for a while now. A computer worm is like a virus because it will attach itself to a file, but unlike Read more about Computer Worm – What is Computer Worm and How to Safe-Guard Your System[…]

How To Start Your Own Successful Blog With WordPress

Blogging with WordPress is highly recommended because firstly, it is going to remain as popular as it is in the times to come and secondly, users will be able to browse through hundreds of plugins and therefore, enhance their blogs in any way they please. The first step is contacting well-known hosting companies like BlueHost Read more about How To Start Your Own Successful Blog With WordPress[…]

WordPress The Key to a Successful Online Venture

WordPress is one such open source software that is used for promoting businesses online, as it’s an open source medium. In fact, it isn’t just free to use, but is actually the key for a successful online venture. But for that, you also need to understand how WordPress actually works, and how you can utilize Read more about WordPress The Key to a Successful Online Venture[…]

How to Remove Fake Antivirus Software

There is a proliferation of fake antivirus programs nowadays. The developers of these rouge programs are exploiting the existing security fears of almost all computer users. That is why you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge on how to remove fake antivirus software from your computer. But before you can delete fake antivirus Read more about How to Remove Fake Antivirus Software[…]

Virus Vs Malware

Your computer has frozen. Sometimes it’s on a page that is demanding money so they will give you control of your computer again. Sometimes it just dies, and you can’t get it going again for love or money. Sometimes it’s just running slowly and sometimes it completely crashes. Most of the time we will say Read more about Virus Vs Malware[…]

Software to Manage Web Site Content (CMS)

In recent years the demand for content management systems (CMS) has increased, CMS software is installed on a hosting server, which then enables for managing the creation of html content. The main feature of a CMS, is that people with little or no programming knowledge are easily able to utilize the authoring tools, generating written Read more about Software to Manage Web Site Content (CMS)[…]