WordPress Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever. It may not be important 20 years ago, right now it’s critical. There are so much online activities these days. People can buy everything, hire web designers, do their banking, purchase shares of stock, and do so many things that weren’t possible all that long ago.

Cybersecurity is important. There’s so much online which requires personal and sensitive information, and when it’s not protected, you find it will be misused. Companies that don’t defend themselves adequately can find that you’ll be imposed with hefty fines, or you could be sued by customers, and with your reputation becomes worst instantly.

We will never know when or how cybersecurity going to become a problem, but it’s always waiting for people who let their defences drop. You can’t afford to not invest in security because you reason that your site is too small, or that it won’t happen to you. You’re always going to be at risk of hackings, and cybersecurity is vital because of it. Being protected is so important, and we can not stress the dangers of arrogance or a belief that you’re untouchable. You’re just as vulnerable as everyone to a hack, which is why you need to take all the precautions you can.

We believe that security is not just about risk elimination. It’s also about risk reduction. As a website owner, there’s a lot that you can do to improve your WordPress security even if you’re not tech savvy. We have a number of actionable steps that you can take to protect your website against security vulnerabilities.

  1. Keeping WordPress Updated
  2. Secure Passwords and User Permissions
  3. WordPress Backup
  4. WordPress Security Plugin
  5. Enable Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  6. Move WordPress Site to SSL/HTTPS
  7. Add Two Factor Authentication
  8. Change WordPress Database Prefix
  9. Password Protect WP-Admin and Login
  10. Scanning WordPress for Malware and Vulnerabilies

We hope that this article helped you learn all the WordPress security practices and discover the importance of WordPress Cybersecurity for your website as well.

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