WordPress Email Issue

WordPress email issue is the most common reason for not sending email is that your WordPress hosting server isn’t configured correctly to use the PHP mail() function. Even if your hosting is configured to use that function, many email service providers use various tools to prevent email spam. And, emails broadcast from WordPress websites often fail, with the messages ending up in other’s spam folders.

Many of our users ask us why their contact form plugin is not sending emails, or why they are not seeing any WordPress notifications. In this article, we will show you how to fix the WordPress not sending email issue, so your website can send emails more reliably and bypass the spam folder.

To fix this issue, we recommend using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for sending emails from WordPress. SMTP doesn’t use the PHP mail() function. Whether you’re running a regular WordPress site or a WooCommerce, we’ll show you how to get emails up and running again. Instead, it uses proper authentication, which leads to high email deliverability rates.

The best way to implement SMTP in WordPress is with a WordPress plugin like WP SMTP. This plugin configures your WordPress site to send emails using SMTP instead of the PHP mail() function. Not only is this plugin super easy to use and set up, but it also works with popular SMTP providers such as Gmail, Office 365, and etc.

To get started, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix WordPress not sending email issues using WP SMTP.

Installing the WP SMTP Plugin

Whatever SMTP service you choose, you’ll need to have the WP SMTP plugin installed on your site. This lets you switch WordPress from using the built-in PHP mail() function to using your SMTP service.

First, install and activate the WP SMTP plugin. Next, click on ”Settings”->”WP SMTP” in your WordPress dashboard to configure the plugin settings.

You will need to start by entering the name and business email address you want your site’s emails to come from. Make sure you use the same email address here that you’ll be using for your SMTP mailing service.

Entering the name and email address that you want your WordPress emails to come from

For this tutorial, we’re going to setup SMTP using gmail services. If you’d prefer to use Microsoft Office365, then just type in your outlook email and password. And it is best that you choose SSL or TLS with smtp authentication enable.

To finish setting up WP SMTP, you could test it out before hand. Send test email to confirm it, and then go back to finalizing the setup on WP SMTP.

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