WordPress Performance

WordPress Performance

Has your client complaint about your wordpress site is very slow?

Why your site being extremely slow?

WordPress login access denied?

Non stop subscriber subscribing?

WordPress developer maintenance issues?

Homepage blank?

WordPress hosting provider server slow?

Plesk / Cpanel giving issues?

I have over 5 years experience with WordPress Performance and what need to be optimize to optimiz your site performance.

Everyday lots of blogs are left stranded after adding in-efficient theme and plugins and often the owners are unaware until informed by a customer.

Did you know that how much money you lost? When your site is not slow you are earning money with your website.

Why choose my services?

1. I work full time in a hosting company in Malaysia

2. I have helped protect over 10,000 sites already.

3. WordPress security services can be expensive, but I am an expert and can help you.

4. I can increase your wordpress site performance & Add Extra performance.

5. I can help with cache, cdn, images, videos, plugins, updates and database.

Once your blog has been hacked you can lose your google ranking and possibly take you from ranking number 1 to more like 100 where no one will find your website.

Use this service & save your business & make site Google Friendly.

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